Massage Therapy

Ms Feel Good


"I love coming home to Roxane for my massages! She is by far my favorite therapist! And I think that is saying a lot since I have regular massages throughout the country!" - Cory Witters

"I cannot wait to go back! The treatment left me more relaxed and without pain than I have ever experienced from a Deep Tissue Massage before! I absolutely would recommend Roxane to a friend! - Allen Leigh

"Oh my...I never realized how wonderful massage can be for the whole body! I am a new woman!" - Connie B.

"A few years ago I was in need of a high quality Massage Therapist, and I found that in Roxane. She was able to help me when I had a particularly tough time with headaches and neck pain. I saw a few different Massage Therapists before finding Roxane, and realized that they are not all equal. Roxane is caring and does a wonderful job at customizing each session to my current needs - whether it be aches and pains or simply relaxation. Her business is located in a foot doctor's clinic, but don't let that fool you. The décor of her space is pleasing and the atmosphere is calm and serene. Parking is free and right in front of the office." - Mary R.